Kent Life’s Top 5 Mud Kitchen Benefits:

Did you know we now have a mud kitchen at Kent Life?! Earlier this summer, we held a grand opening of Mr Moo’s Messy Play, with Mr Moo cutting the ribbon himself! Our messy play area includes something for everyone including a mud kitchen, music area, water sprinkler and games zone.

For those who aren’t familiar with mud kitchens, they are an outdoor, pretend kitchen space equipped with pots and pans, and then usually mud or sand, where children are encouraged to explore sensory play as they brew magic potions and mix mud filled delights.

Harnessing their imagination, little visitors can become a Michelin star specialist in mud pies or the ultimate host as they prepare a Sunday roast, just like their parents.

Though it’s more than just fun and games, messy play can help to support child development in multiple ways. Here are Kent Life’s top 5 mud kitchen benefits:

  • Sensory development – Mud kitchens provide wonderful sensory playgrounds that appeal to a wide variety of children. They are inclusive and children with different abilities can join in with the fun. For more information about accessibility at Kent Life, check out our Facilities and Access
  • Motor skills – Mud kitchens allow children to develop their motor skills through play. There are lots of items to interact with, inspiring little ones to carry, mix, pour and hold, adjusting their body and movements with each object.
  • Imaginative play – With an infinite number of games and activities, the world is your oyster whilst playing in a mud kitchen. They say the messier you get, the more you’ve learnt!
  • Muscle strength and hand-eye coordination – Amid beating ‘cake’ mixtures, carefully pouring liquids and sculpting mud pies, children are continuously developing their muscle strength and hand-eye coordination when playing in a mud kitchen.
  • Collaborative – Mud kitchens encourage collaborative play between children, helping them to build relationships. As children take on different roles in the ‘kitchen’, they are working together to bring their play to life. During these interactions, they may also come across the need for problem solving, a crucial skill for development.

Despite the benefits above, we understand the worry that your children will end the day covered head to toe in mud! But fear not as aprons are available, and on sunny days little ones can clean themselves up whilst having fun under the sprinkler!

Whilst the children run riot, supervisors can enjoy a refreshing drink and a slice of hot, cheesy pizza from our very own wood fired pizza oven in The Pizza Garden. See here, for more information about the delicious food options available at Kent Life.