Adopting an animal at Kent Life makes an ideal gift for you or someone special.

For just £20 a year you can help keep one of our farmyard animals fed, watered, clean, well housed and happy for one calendar year.  Your adoption pack includes a ready to frame photo of your furry friend, along with a certificate, complimentary ticket to visit, and fact sheet.

Do something amazing today, Adopt an Animal at Kent Life. To adopt an animal, please call 01622 763936.

The Alpacas


Wispa came to Kent Life in 2012 he is 8 years old and very shy! He likes to sunbathe in his paddock and loves to hang around with his friends Biscuit and Cookie.


Cookie is the cheeky chappie of our Alpaca’s. He will be the first to greet you at the fence. He will even make noises if you talk to him! He loves meeting everyone especially if you have food.


Biscuit is the gentlest of our group of Alpaca’s he likes to take things slow. He can seem a bit shy at first but once he gets to know you, you will make a friend for life. He loves to roll around and get his white fleece nice and dirty!

The Donkeys


Ellie came to live at Kent Life in January 2009 from the Donkey Sanctuary. She likes to take   things slow but can be a bit stubborn   at times. She has beautiful big brown eyes and has found a best friend in Dora.


Dora arrived with Ellie from the donkey sanctuary. She is George’s mummy. Her best friend is Ellie, they can’t bear to live apart. She likes to play but can be very naughty at times! 


George was born at Kent life in May 2009. He is a mummy’s boy and won’t go anywhere without her! He loves to run around and play! George has the trademark cross on his shoulders, meaning that he is from good donkey stock.

The Goats


Eric is a Anglo Nubian billy goat, he is very vocal and clever. He loves to have his neck stroked and loves to lay in the sun. He has a very good memory and will remember you when you visit.

Beano and Dandy

Beano and Dandy are Anglo Nubian goats. They are easy to spot because of their long droopy ears and ‘roman noses.’ They live in a paddock with their other  friends. Goats can be very greedy and will be on the lookout for guests with food!


Gizmo is a Toggenburg Goat. He is 5 years old and the greediest goat at Kent Life! He is stubborn and very cheeky!

The Horses


Tasha is very friendly Shire Horse. She is black with white socks. She is very calm and loves to hang around with Walter. Her favorite treat is carrots!


Lily is a very friendly Shetland Pony. She loves rolling around in the mud and likes to greet guests who visit her.


Truffles lives with Lily, they can often be seen grazing together. Did you know? Native Shetland Ponies will eat seaweed if nothing else is available!


Walter is a Clydesdale horse measuring in at a whopping 17.2 hands. His best friend is Tasha the Shire horse who he shares his paddock with.

Despite his size he is very docile and laid back and his favourite thing to do is munch on hay!

The Pigs


Anastasia is a cross between a Welsh Sow & Pietrain Boar. She lives with her sisters Jasmine & Alice and is quite new to Kent Life.


Jasmine is a cross between a Welsh Sow & Pietrain Boar. She loves rolling around in the mud and scratching her back.