Adopting an animal at Kent Life makes an ideal gift for you or someone special.

From as little as £25 per year, you can help keep one of our many farmyard animals fed, watered, clean and well housed throughout all the seasons. Adopting an animal at Kent Life makes an ideal gift for you or someone special. Or why not make it that little bit more exciting and book an experience with your adopted animal for just £45 per year with our Adopt an Animal Experience scheme*.

Your adoption pack includes a ready to frame photo of your furry friend, along with a certificate, complimentary ticket to visit, and fact sheet. With the Adopt an Animal Experience you will also be able to book a 45 minute one-to-one session with your adopted animal. You can buy Animal Adoption online.

Do something amazing today, Adopt an Animal at Kent Life.

*Please note:

  • In the Experience Scheme not all animals are included – please see selection below.
  • Ages 5yrs+ is recommended for all Experiences and 8yrs+ for the Donkey Experiences.
  • If you have a specific date in mind, it is advisable to check before purchase. 
  • Please be advised that adult supervision is required with an Adopt an Animal Experience Scheme.

Here at our Kent Life, we pride ourselves on providing unique and memorable experiences for our visitors. However, as a working farm, there are certain times when we are unable to carry out these experiences. For instance, during our lambing season, we want to ensure the safety and well-being of our adorable newborn lambs. Additionally, our Experience Christmas event is a time when we want to create a magical and festive atmosphere for all our visitors.

But don’t worry, when you’re ready to book your experience, just let us know a few dates that work for you and our dedicated team will do their best to accommodate your visit. It’s all about making your time with us as special as possible. 

Please keep in mind that in January, we are closed midweek only. We look forward to welcoming you to our farm and providing you with an unforgettable experience!

The Alpacas


Wispa came to Kent Life in 2012 he is 8 years old and very shy! Despite his shy nature, he enjoys basking in the sun in his paddock, always accompanied by his close pals, Biscuit and Cookie. His endearing personality and love for leisurely afternoons make him a beloved member of the Kent Life community.

Wispa is available as standard adoption only.


Cookie is the cheeky chappie of our alpacas. He will be the first to greet you at the fence. He will even make noises if you talk to him! This lovable alpaca is always ready to make new friends, especially if there’s a treat involved!

Cookie is available as standard adoption only.


Biscuit is the sweetest member of our alpaca family.

With a gentle temperament and a preference for taking things slow, Biscuit might come off as reserved at first. But once he warms up to you, you’ve gained a loyal friend for life. This fluffy companion enjoys nothing more than rolling around  and getting his white fleece nice and dirty!

Biscuit is available as standard adoption only.

The Donkeys


Meet Ellie, the lovable donkey who found her forever home at Kent Life in January 2009. Hailing from the Donkey Sanctuary, Ellie has charmed everyone with her gentle nature and those beautiful big brown eyes. Though she can be a bit stubborn at times, she’s won hearts and even found a best friend in Dora. 

Ellie is available both as a standard adoption, and also on the Adopt an Animal Experience Scheme.


Meet Dora – the playful and sometimes naughty mummy to George. She’s inseparable from her best friend, Ellie, and their bond is unbreakable. Dora’s zest for life and mischievous antics make her an endearing character at Kent Life.


Dora is available both as a standard adoption, and also on the Adopt an Animal Experience Scheme.


George was born at Kent life in May 2009. He is a mummy’s boy and won’t go anywhere without her! He loves to run around and play! George has the trademark cross on his shoulders, meaning that he is from good donkey stock.

George is available both as a standard adoption, and also on the Adopt an Animal Experience Scheme.

The Goats

Fleur & Flo

Fleur (grey) and her sister Flo (black) are female pygmy goats that came to live at Kent Life in the summer of 2019.

Always jovial and up for an adventure, our friendly farm companions love nothing more than strolling around the grounds, greeting their furry and feathered friends, and making new human pals along the way!

Fleur & Flo are available both as a standard adoption, and also on the Adopt an Animal Experience Scheme.

NEW! Tigger

Hello my name is Tigger the goat, I am a Golden Guernsey X Toggenburg and I was born here at Kent Life on 1st May 2023.

Living on the farm is an absolute joy, and I never miss a chance to greet our visitors with my enthusiastic jumps at the fence. I go by the name Tigger, inspired by my love for bouncing around. The farmers say I’m a cheeky goat as I like to chew on things I shouldn’t! Like all goats, I love my food, especially the nice green leaves the gardeners bring me!

Did you know goats are good at climbing. We not only love scaling our climbing frames but if given the chance, we’ll even take to the trees (as long as the branches are strong enough, of course!). Our natural climbing abilities are just one of the many adorable traits that make us goats so unique and lovable.

Tigger is available as standard adoption only.

The Horses


Rupert was rescued by the RSPCA after he was found abandoned in a stable, and at the end of January 2020, he came to live at Kent Life.

Rupert is available as standard adoption only.

The Pigs 

Aubrey, Angela & Ada

Aubrey (left), Angela (middle) & Ada (right) are Lithuanian pigs who moved from Curly’s Farm to come and live at Kent Life in January 2023.

They are sisters and their birthday is 27th June.

Did you know that pigs have a very good sense of smell, which they use to help find their favourite treats that the farmers hide around their pen to help keep them occupied.

Aubrey, Angela & Ada come as a trio and are available both as a standard adoption, and also on the Adopt an Animal Experience Scheme.

The Sheep


Kevin is a Grey faced Dartmoor cross Mule and was born here on 25th April 2022.

Kevin loves to get out and explore the farm as often as he can!

Kevin is available both as a standard adoption, and also on the Adopt an Animal Experience Scheme.

The Turkey

NEW! Terence

Meet Terence, the adorable bronze turkey who hatched at Kent Life in May 2021.

I live here on the farm with my mum Denise. We love living in our quiet area of the farm watching the world go by.

I enjoy gobbling at the tractor as it goes past, and love it when the farmers bring my favourite treat blueberries!

Did you know that turkeys actually originated from North America, where they still roam freely to this day? Every year, the US president pardons a special turkey, allowing it to live out its days at a sanctuary. It’s a heartwarming tradition that symbolizes compassion and kindness.

Terence is available as standard adoption only.

The Ferrets

NEW! Frankie and Freddie

Hello we are Frankie (light mask) and Freddie (dark mask) the ferrets, we were born in 2018 and came to live at Kent Life in 2021.

We are brother & sister and are the only ferrets that live on the farm.

We spend most of the day fast asleep together, but we love coming out to say hello to people who have come to learn about us. Sometimes, we even go for a mischievous stroll. Come join us for an adventure and learn all about our fluffy antics.

Did you know that us ferrets are part of the fascinating mustelid family? As members of this dynamic group of animals, we share a remarkable kinship with creatures like stoats, weasels, otters, badgers, and wolverines.

Frankie and Freddie are available as standard adoption only.