Time travel out of the classroom at Kent Life!

Calling all Teachers – need some help bringing history to life or some hands-on activities to get your students motivated?

Anyone who has visited us here on a weekday and come face to face with a Roman centurion or Victorian school master, may have wondered if they had stepped into a bygone world.  It’s all part of our award-winning ‘out of the classroom’ immersive history experiences, which bring that extra bit of magic, time travel, and interactive fun!

We love seeing children of all ages and abilities experience something new and see the expressions on their faces as our education experiences help bring history to life!

Choose from historic Theme Days where students can immerse themselves in a full day of workshops, interactive experiences and sights and smells of a life before their time. Children can get dressed up in costumes to suit the theme (with warm clothes underneath!), from togas to traditional Victorian costume – all ideas are welcome! Your class will love stepping back into Roman times and becoming a Centurion for the day, as well as getting to meet warrior queen Boudicca! We offer Stone Age Days through to World War II Days, and many other periods in between.

For those looking for a slice of history, we also hold 45-minute Workshops  packed full of information to discover how people lived in Britain in times gone by. As well as history, our workshops cover food and cookery, arts & crafts, and of course animals and nature, where guests can pick and prepare root vegetables to make a delicious soup to take home, spin a pot on a pottery wheel or get up and personal with Kent Life’s precious minibeasts.

Open our Heritage Trail map to explore and visit our historic houses for an educational adventure. Explorers can discover the ways people used to live in Victorian times and take a peep into how they prepared their food, washed, and even what they got up to in their spare time. How about making a virtual scrapbook to show what you discovered?

To lend parent helpers a hand, we provide a Parent Helper Guide brochure with your booking confirmation which contains a self-guided tour of our site and questions to ask children along the way – with the answers of course!

We are currently fully booked for the remainder of 2021, but we would love to see you and your class next year for a fun filled day – so get booking for 2022! Come and join us to be part of a magical adventure and discover life and learning at Kent Life!

We are working hard putting new measures and procedures in place in line with COVID-19 restrictions to ensure all guests feel comfortable. Please take a look at our Know before you go page for current safety measures.