Take a look at the options for Guides badges. . .

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Culture Badge

Requirements met:

  • Interview a member of your community who can tell you about life in your area. Record the interview on tape or on video
  • Learn a dance, song, poem or piece of drama traditional to your area or region and perform it as entertainment with your patrol
  • Visit a local exhibition with your patrol. If possible, ask one of the exhibitors to give you a demonstration of a craft or let you have a go at it yourself
  • Visit a place of historical interest, such as a museum, famous building or archaeological site, with your Patrol. Make a presentation about your visit to the rest of your unit

Guides visit Kent Life and meet one of our historical characters. Depending on the time of year and/or your preference, this could be one of the Hoppers, who will tell the Guides all about hop picking, oast houses and ‘Hopping down in Kent’. The Guides will have a go at picking hops and learn a Hoppers’ song. Alternatively, they could meet Mrs Holland, who will tell the Guides about life in Kent during the Second World War, show them round some of our historic houses and teach them how to make a small rag rug to take home. This session will fulfil 3 of the Local Culture requirements. Recording of the interview and making presentations must be done separately and does not form part of the session.

Prices: £4.80 admission per child, plus £95 for Guides – Culture Badge workshop. Must be pre-booked and subject to availability.
Capacity: Maximum 30 children per session.

Notes: Guides must be adequately supervised at all times with a ratio of 1:5 (adults free of charge). A lunchroom is provided. This will not fulfil all requirements to gain the badge. Badges must be provided by the group.