May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in the bustling whirl of daily life, finding a moment of peace is precious.

At Kent Life Heritage Farm Park, these moments are waiting for you. Here are a few ways that you can boost your mental wellbeing at Kent Life:

  • Interact with our furry friends – Engaging with animals is scientifically proven to reduce stress and elevate mood. Surrounded by the gentle hum of farm life and the soft nuzzle of friendly animals, visitors experience a natural boost to their mental health. Whether it’s feeding our cheeky goats or meeting our meerkat family – Shilo and Jessie, and of course their children Fuggle and Goldie, each interaction will soothe the soul.
  • Connect with nature and walk on the wild side – wander through our orchards and green spaces. Follow the nature trail and take in the fresh country air.
  • Walk and Talk – Arrange to meet a friend at Kent Life – go for a walk, talk and a cup of tea and a cake in Dotty’s tea rooms.
  • Make new discoveries – explore our historic houses and learn something new about Kentish history and farming heritage.
  • Do something fun – take a tractor ride and meander through the farm watching the animals as you go.

The perfect attraction for families, individuals, and anyone in between, Kent Life Heritage Farm Park is an invitation to step back from the chaos and breathe in the fresh country air and tranquility.

Come for the animals, stay for the fun. Come to Kent Life Heritage Farm to make unforgettable memories!