Spring, the season of rejuvenation, is celebrated worldwide through a tapestry of diverse traditions!

  1. Holi (India):

In India, Holi, known as the Festival of Colours, marks the arrival of spring with exuberant festivities. Participants throw brightly coloured powders and water at each other, symbolising the triumph of good over evil and the renewal of friendships.

  1. Hanami (Japan):

In Japan, the blooming of cherry blossoms signals the beginning of Hanami, or flower viewing season. Parks and gardens are adorned with delicate pink petals. Hanami is not just a celebration of nature’s beauty but also a peaceful time for reflection and appreciation of life’s fleeting moments.


  1. Nowruz (Iran):

Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is a time-honoured tradition celebrated in Iran and by communities around the world. It symbolises the renewal of nature and the triumph of light over darkness. Nowruz customs include spring cleaning, family gatherings, and the setting of a Haft-Seen table with symbolic items representing rebirth and abundance.


  1. Walpurgis Night (Germany):

In Germany, Walpurgis Night, celebrated on April 30th, is steeped in folklore and pagan traditions. Bonfires are lit to ward off witches and evil spirits, while revellers wear costumes and dance around the flames, welcoming the arrival of spring.

At Kent Life we have our own traditional, home-grown celebrations of spring such as Mother’s Day and Easter!  We’d love to welcome you to the events below:

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea – Sunday 10th March, 12pm & 3pm  (2 hours per slot)


Show Mum how special she is by treating her to afternoon tea at Kent Life! There will also be entertainment galore to keep everyone entertained throughout the day. Watch in awe as balloon modellers create works of art before your very eyes. Be astounded by mind-boggling magic tricks.


This special event also includes entrance to Kent Life, with a host of activities for the whole family to enjoy! From meeting the animals to exploring the historic buildings, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy.  Buy tickets here

Adults £24.50, Children (aged 2-15) £19.95, Members Adult £14.95, Members Children £9.95


Spring into Easter – Saturday 30th March – Sunday 16th April, 10am – 5pm 


Celebrate Easter and the baby boom that comes with spring. Meet the Kent Life lambs and watch a bottle-feeding demonstration. Guests can enjoy a fun farm ride and get creative in the Paint A Pot studio, or meet a pony, feed the pigs and watch a majestic owl flying demo.

For a full list of the jam-packed Easter Holiday itinerary have a look at the website.  Buy tickets here

Adults £11.36, Children (aged 2-15) £11.36, Family (2 + 2) £45, Members