Easter Traditions from Around the World

Spring is in the air! As the flowers begin to blossom and our cars stop freezing over (hooray!), it’s time to roll out your picnic blankets and enjoy the fresh air. Here at Kent Life, spring is our favourite season and with Easter hopping closer and closer, we decided to investigate some of the great Easter traditions from around the world, many of them with activities that you can try for yourself this spring:

  • Omelette galore, France – In a small town in France called Haux, locals celebrate Easter by cracking over 4,500 eggs into an enormous pan to create an Easter omelette that serves over 1,000 people! They all gather to eat this eggcellent dish for lunch and dinner… and even breakfast the next morning! We hope they used normal eggs not chocolate ones… 
  • Get smashing, Greece – In the Greek islands of Corfu, locals throw old pots out of their windows on Easter Saturday to streets of onlookers. This smashing tradition is believed to have originated from the Venetians who would throw out their old belongings to make room for new things and new beginnings. If you’re visiting the beautiful Greek island this Easter, watch out for your heads! 
  • Egg roll, USA – Over the pond in the USA, Americans celebrate Easter by holding an egg rolling competition in Washington, D.C. You guessed it, eggcited participants roll an egg across the lawn of the White House using a wooden spoon competing against each other. This tradition started in 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes was in charge, but this cracking event is usually held by the first lady. Would you compete? Get set, ready, roll!
  • Time to splash out, Poland Śmigus-Dyngus, translating to ‘Wet Monday’, is a Polish Easter Monday tradition in which people step outside after the cold winter and throw water over each other. It is said that if you decide to snooze on Wet Monday, you will be shockingly awoken from your slumber with a splash! So, break out your hose, blast those water guns and get wet! 

Here at Kent Life, we have many of our own Easter traditions that guests can enjoy each year, from bottle feeding demonstrations and meeting our fluffy new lambs, to owl flying demonstrations and animal feeding sessions, we always make sure our visitors have a cracking time.

Join us this year for our Spring into Easter event from the 1st – 16th April. You can also hop on a farm ride or get creative in the Paint-a-pot studio to make a stunning Easter gift to take home. Don’t forget to visit our Big Top tent and catch one of our Easter shows too! Tickets are on sale now so get them here.

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We cannot wait to see you this Easter so ditch your spring cleaning and get your tickets now for an egg-stra special Easter to remember!