Team Member Q&A: Meet Joe, Kent Life’s Livestock Officer

Here at Kent Life, we showcase and breed traditional farm animals with our free-range livestock including sheep, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, poultry, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, ducks, geese, and alpacas. All our furry friends receive only the best care and cuddles, lovingly provided by our amazing Livestock Officer – Joe! Now come behind the scenes to meet him…

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your working history…

A: “I grew up as a young farmer and a few years ago decided to start my own flock of sheep with my partner, we now have 200 sheep!”

Q: What does your day to day look like on the Kent Life farm?

A: “My day-to-day job mainly consists of looking after all the wonderful animals and making sure everyone is clean and safe.”

Some of our animals are occasionally a little mischievous, so Joe is always on hand to make sure they are on their best behaviour. Check out our previous blog, The Kent Life Donkeys are retiring, to read all about our donkeys Dora, Ellie, and George and their habit of cheekily trying to shake down all the delicious, juicy apples from the trees and attempting to gobble them up before the gardeners see!

Q: Do you have any funny animal stories since starting at Kent Life?

A: “I once got carried by a sheep around a field three times before I managed to stop it!”

Q: Tell us a random fact about yourself…

A: “I don’t think I have any random facts although I am animal mad!”

Joe has been part of our team since May this year and is a key member of the Kent Life Family.

Why not come and meet all the wonderful animals being cared for by Joe. From as little as £25 per year, you can help Joe out and keep one of our many farmyard animals fed, watered, clean and well housed throughout all the seasons. You can even book a one-to-one experience with your adopted animal as part of our Adopt an Animal Experience scheme. For more information such as what’s included in the adoption pack and which of our furry friends are included, click here.

We also have a variety of exciting events and activities coming up, such as our Firework Spectacular and of course… Christmas!

As always, we have indoor and outdoor play areas, fun farm rides, houses to explore, a fun wooden hunt and the chance to get arty in our Paint-a-Pot studio. You can plan you visit ahead of time by accessing our daily itinerary here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!