Our head gardener, Debs, has just this morning discovered these carrot heads, well and truly nibbled and abandoned next to our ‘Dig for Victory’ vegetable patch.  The crafty carrot-napper has left all the evidence but is, of course, nowhere to be seen….

With all the animal antics planned at Kent Life this summer holiday, we’re expecting lots of mischief and fun at our animal shows but it looks as though it’s already started!

We can’t wait to see some super speedy ferrets, knobbly geckos, slippery snakes and stripy skunks as well as agility displays from some of our very own resident furry friends.  We’re also really excited to welcome one particular cheeky chappy to the farm.  If you haven’t heard the farmyard chatter, then you won’t know who’s popping up on Saturday 3rd August.  The word on the farm is that he has long ears, a nose for mischief, sports a rather fetching blue jacket and loves a good vegetable patch.  If you’ve read the books or seen the film then you’ll have guessed that our special guest is of course Peter RabbitTM himself.

But, wait a minute….! Likes a vegetable patch…? Has a nose for mischief…? Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Right, we’re off to tell Debs the gardener to move the Kent Life Scarecrow next to the vegetable patch and keep an eye out for a rabbit in a blue jacket.  If you’re planning to be down on the farm in the next week or two, help us keep an eye out or better still, come and see him on the 3rd August and join our special rabbit hunt in Mr McGregor’s garden yourself.