Experience a whole day of themed activities and learn something new about a bygone era. Immerse your pupils in the sights, sounds and smells of the past.

Children will enjoy a full day of workshops discovering how people lived in Britain in times gone by. Everyone is encouraged to dress up in period costume (with warm clothes underneath!) for a total immersion in history. The smells and sounds will make the period come to life and enhance the children’s learning. We now offer Stone Age Days through to World War II Days, and many other periods in between. Examples are Roman Days, Anglo-Saxon Days, Viking Days and Victorian Christmas, to name but a few.

Our award-winning historical Theme Days run from 10am to 2.35pm and cost £9.00 per child with a generous free-adult ratio*. This price includes all workshops and activities, all-day admission to Kent Life, free parking, a room to store bags and have lunch, as well as free downloadable risk assessments and a free familiarisation visit for the lead teacher if required. Children take part in a carousel of workshops, moving around in their group. You will be sent out a timetable for your class before the day.

For more information, please contact our Education Officers on 01622 763936. Alternatively, download the Theme Days Booking Form and return via email to cgeddes@kentlife.org.uk.

*1 free adult per every 4 paying pupils (KS1), 1 adult free per every 5 paying pupils (KS2)

Roman Theme Days

Dates: Tuesday 25th April 2017

Tuesday 17th – Wednesday 18th October 2017

Come and join us in your togas (optional of course!) as we celebrate and learn about the life and times of the Romans. Learn how to be a Centurion, discover the Romans at work and play, how they kept healthy as well as meeting a brave gladiator! We encourage children to come dressed in Roman costume to enhance the atmosphere of the day.

For more information please download the Roman Days flyer March 2017

Viking Theme Days

Dates: Thursday 4th – Friday 5th May 2017

Wednesday 4th – Thursday 5th October 2017

Become a Viking for the day and discover how the people who called themselves Vikings lived in Britain. In a full day of hands-on workshops and demonstrations, children will visit a Viking market and make a lucet cord. They will also discover how the Vikings fared in their life at sea, and what they got up to as fearsome raiders and much, much more!

We encourage everyone to come dressed up in Viking costume to enhance the atmosphere.

For more information, please download the Viking days flyer March 2017

Victorian Theme Days

Dates: Tuesday 10th – Wednesday 11th October 2017

School children can enjoy a whole day packed full with interactive and interesting workshops and demonstrations about rural Victorian life in line with the new History Curriculum requirements. Children can compare how the diets of wealthy and poor people, find out about the life of a working child and play some Victorian playground games. They’ll need to be on their best behaviour with Mr Branch in the schoolroom and much more! We encourage everyone to come dressed in Victorian costume to enhance the atmosphere.

For more information, please download the Victorian Days flyer March 2017

Ancient Greek Theme Days

Dates: Thursday 19th October 2017 

Come to Kent Life and ask the Ancient Greeks those questions you always wanted to ask. How did Medicine actually start? And what was life like for ordinary people at home? Who is who in the world of the gods and heroes? What was happening in the Arts and which plays did people go and see? Listen to the story of Arachne and make a spider web to take home. Find out how the Ancient Greeks waged war. Everyone is encouraged to dress up in period costume to enhance the atmosphere, but please dress warmly underneath!

For more information on previous ancient Greek Days, please download our flyer Greek Days October 2016.

Egyptian Theme Days

Dates: Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th November 2017

Step back into Ancient Egypt and discover what life was like! School children will enjoy a day full of interactive workshops and demonstrations. They will discover what happens when you die or when you fall ill. Children will put on an entertainment for the Pharaoh, find out about the importance of rope and learn a magic knot, and explore life in the city. Dress and jewellery will also be discussed. We encourage everyone to come dressed up in period costume, but don’t forget your warm layers underneath!

For more information, please download the Egyptian days flyer March 2017

Anglo Saxons Theme Days

Dates: Tuesday 14th – Thursday 16th November 2017

Immerse your class in everything Anglo Saxon for the day. In line with the new History Curriculum, your class will learn first-hand what life was like in Britain in the early middle ages. Your class will discover which animals were kept, they will meet a villager and find out where people settled when they arrived in what is now Britain. They will also learn how to spin yarn and hear wonderful stories. We encourage everyone to come dressed up in Anglo Saxon costume to enhance the atmosphere.

For more information, please download the Anglo Saxon Days flyer March 2017

Stone Age Theme Days

Dates: Tuesday 16th May 2017

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Tuesday 21st – Thursday 23rd November 2017

Under the guidance of a team of History Explorers and a Historian, your class will debate Hunter Gatherers Vs Early Farmers. They will grind some grain to take back to school and learn how weapons were made. They will discuss how religion changed from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and learn about Travel and Trade. We encourage everyone to come dressed up as archaeologists or explorers to enhance the atmosphere.

For more information, please download the Stone Age Days flyer March 2017

World War II Theme Days

Dates: Wednesday 17th May 2017

Tuesday 28th – Thursday 30th November 2017

‘Hide under the table, the air raid siren has gone off again at Kent Life’  

Go back to the 1940’s and experience life as a child of war. School children can enjoy a whole day packed full with interactive workshops and demonstrations all in line with the new History Curriculum. Learn how to march properly with the Home Guard; have a navigation lesson and much more.  We encourage everyone to come dressed in 1940’s costume to enhance the atmosphere.

For more information, please download the WWII Days flyer February 2017

Victorian Christmas Theme Days

Dates: Tuesday 5th – Thursday 7th December 2017

Celebrate Christmas with us Victorian style! Explore the origin of popular Christmas traditions. Find out how poor children celebrated Christmas in the workhouse. Make a lantern to take home, and much more. Everyone is encouraged to dress up in period costume to enhance the atmosphere.

For suggestions of activities, please download the flyer Victorian Xmas Days December 2016.

Praise for Educational Theme Days at Kent Life:

The whole day was very well organised and lots of fun. We all thoroughly enjoyed it

Very enjoyable and informative day. All loved the schoolroom, especially the adults!

Excellent day. Well organised. Children thoroughly enjoyed it and very educational. Highly recommended.

The children really enjoyed their day and all the staff were amazingly helpful. Thankyou! Excellent facilities

Excellent value for money

The children had a wonderful day learning more about Egyptians and reinforcing what they already knew